Heart vs. Brain Thinkery!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the awesome support and ideas around where this could go! What I really need is someone who can take this and run with it and lead it, and see where it might go. I’m just one guy, I am founder in a company to which I am 100% committed, and that excites the pants off of me (atvenu.com). I’m a father, a husband and apparently need sleep :D !

I have an obvious desire to help the Brain Tumour Foundation. I know that something like this could be a way of doing it. I know that all of you are in a similar boat, have full time jobs that you love, and would like to do something better for some cause!

I’m also thinking this won’t work until we can find the right person to lead this. I have been doing some good thinking and having some frank discussions with some cool people, I know that I have the time to be an adequate spokesperson, but not the right guy at the right time to lead this.

I also don’t want to waste your goodwill and efforts on something that will just fizzle out without finding that right leader. That will be WORSE than the donor fatigue of going the “begging for donation” route will do. I wanted to use THAT begging time to put towards this, and THAT amount of time, isn’t going to be enough to lead this in a way that will be acceptable to me when you guys are donating effort towards it.

Sooo, bascially, I will keep my eyes open for someone that may be able to drive this.

At this stage keep it happy thinky excercise that people can dabble in to keep the creative juices flowing! Poke at the code. Poke at people, and have fun with it.

Just thought I’d share!


Thank you!

Super short update June 23rd

Some more great discussions today. I am going to by tomorrow night summarize what we know so far. Then push forward a bit on it all. Any coders in the house want to start poking at the node code? or…proposed a different framework?

One quick note:

Stripe.com will give a fee break on CC transactions for registered charities.

Just posting today to say that I am so happy that so many are taking and interest in this AND sending great ideas and thoughts.

I have much work to do to figure out next steps. I sure could use a professional organizer type person! A director of sorts!

Mission — HELP


Whether it is just encouragement, ideas, coding, biz dev, graphics, money, whatever, I want  your help.

Here is what I am trying to do

I want to change the way I raise money for the brain tumour foundation next year.   I know that asking/begging for donations is not sustainable and well, can wear on friendships and relationships.  I want to try and do something different.

I want to build a service that people use, that can generate revenue.  The money it generates can be funnelled into a charity or multiple charities.  I want to build it with your help through donated time and efforts over time or one time offerings.

I have no idea what I am doing to coordinate all of this, but I’m hoping for help.

This will happen, even if it is just me, trying to figure it out over a long time.  I’d rather have fun with some or all of you and make your donation of effort and time pay off 1000x and give you a part of something that keeps on giving to a good cause or many good causes.

This Needs help!

Here is the vision we should create.  

Build a team of people who want to will do better.

simple right?!?

First we have to figure out the logistics of how to build a team at this scale and with everyone making small contributions when they can vs. building a team where the individuals are solely dedicated to the task.  Someone have ideas to do this?  How do we communicate as a team?  Asana.com?   How do we get everyone on a multi-disciplinary team feeling rewarded, recognized and good about their contributions no matter how small or complicated they may be?

Am I crazy? (for sure)  Is it too crazy? (most definitely) Let’s be crazy together!

Send ideas on how to make this real.

After (or while) figuring out the framework to build our team, how do we change the world?  I have a working idea of what the team should build (of course you may have something more brilliant, bring it on).  

"The smartphone replacement for disposable documentation at live events"

uhhhh…. human speak?  ”Yeah, stop giving out paper programs at concerts for your kids and just let me get it somehow on my smartphone or tablet.  Can’t you send it to me beforehand, or let me scan a qr code to get it?  How about I just show up at the physical location and somehow you send it to me cause it is happening?!  Will you let me search the program for my kids name to?  How about print it out if I really need a paper copy later on, or send me a offset printed version with a picture from the event after the event when I give a donation?”

… do you see where I am thinking with this?  Not just that but anywhere there is disposable documentation ultimately, minutes for meetings for community organizations to fortune 500 companies, who’s going to be on stage at the home show at what time?, etc..

PROS: simple, solves a problem, lots of eyes on the product for other revenue streams if we get to scale, and since we will give to charity, competitors just look mean

CONS: need a team that has yet to form :D

Want to know more, hit me up, or follow my posts here, I will expand the idea out here.  I suck at visual design, I suck at building mobile apps, I suck at well a lot of things, plus like all of you, I have a job, I don’t have time to do it all by any stretch, this is a spare time event… that is why I need (all of) you!

Quick list of roles we will want (in no priority order, and not exhaustive, just exhausting):

  • Someone good at making up lists of roles we should have
  • lawyer-y type people to do any legal-y things we may need like do we need a not-for-profit corp?
  • finance-y type people to do finance-y things like deal with any money we may make or lose, find any finances to bootstrap this, etc..
  • mobile developer role for iOS
  • mobile developer role for android
  • mobile developer role for mobile web
  • mobile developer role for other platforms?
  • rails/node.js/web/javascript/all around cool people for web presence
  • tester type roles
  • project manager type role who has dealt with distributed teams
  • biz dev type roles - getting this into the hands of customers
  • inside sales roles
  • general advocates, connectors, and word spreaders
  • cheerleaders keeping us going
  • IT support roles
  • graphic designers
  • UX designers
  • PDF geeks
  • big thinking planner type people (product visionaries)
  • personal assistant for the brain tumour guy (okay this might be excessive, but I do drool a little and am pretty dumb these days :D )
  • Advertising specialists
  • Video Producer/Editing professionals
  • Fundraisers
  • A general logistics person
  • Grant writer
  • Researchers figuring out cools ways of doing things in new cool ways
  • copy writer type role (writing stuff is hard!)
  • Musicians to produce/create music for videos
  • Social Media Marketing experts
  • SEM experts
  • People who can get famous/popular people to endorse us
  • Swag people
  • Conference goers who can promote or speak about us
  • Media outlet consultants who can get us out there and promote us well
  • competitive analysis
  • business plan planners
  • event planners to provide expert advice tips to users
  • etc… <— not sure what this is short for, but, I thought it looked good at this point in the list.

Oh yeah, why am I doing this?  Oh I don’t know, I don’t remember what I wrote at the top anymore…but basically put my time to better use (I’m spending it begging, why not to be more productive with lasting effect?!) to better help out my cause, and pestering you guys less for money!

Anyway..I have done enough writing for now and tired.  Please let me know your thoughts/interest/criticisms/etc… <— there’s that word again!?!

What have I done so far? Well I’ve written this, it has taken far too many days to put together, and I’ve sent it out to get laughed at by you guys!